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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

[About the Kitchen at 9th and 9th]

Meet: [The Chef, The Creater, The Go-to Gal]
Savannah is the cook in this kitchen. She creates or adapts nearly every recipe
you see on this site. She is the type of person who desires to make things that
are [better], better pound cakes and bundt cakes, better chicken marsala, and of
course better meatball and spinach soup. She has found out the hard way to never judge a recipe by it's name or it's ingredients. She has a passion for food and cooking, that you will almost always hear about at a dinner party, or even over a casual conversation during your morning coffee. She desires to pass on all her new creations, and absolute fantastic recipes to all her friends, family, and even people at the grocery store who ask what she is planning on using fresh ginger for. If you want to know all the differences between cake flour, and just regular plain-old flour, she would be the go-to gal. She happens to know every minute, miniscule detail about the foods she cooks- and if she doesn't... she'll google it.

Meet: [The Inspiration, Picky Eater, and most always- Janitor]
Jordan is the inspiration for this blog, but most importantly the inspiration
for all of Savannah's recipes. If he will eat it, it must be good. When he is
not washing dishes, or reaching for things that are just a little too high for
Savannah, or cleaning up after all of her messes, he is quietly eating and loving his wife's passion for cooking.  His favorite foods include baked chicken, the super fabulous City Chicken, and of course any (Sunday-type) food; which includes Savannah's ultra decadent creamy mashed potatoes, and the ultimate pork roast. If you ask him, he will say he loves [everything] his wife cooks, but she knows all too well that isn't really true.  Follow him- he knows what is good. If you see a recipe with a * next to it- you will know this recipe/creation/adaptation,is Jordan approved.

Meet: [The Kitchen at 9th and 9th]
Here at the "Kitchen", as we so lovingly named our kitchen space, we love our coffee and we take it cold. We enjoy cooking foods that run with the seasons, and you will find that we have all the best recipes for spring, summer, fall and winter. Yes, here in Utah, we do have all four seasons! We want to create dishes that are fresh from the garden, or home-made from scratch.  We believe in using organic foods, and don't believe in using canned vegetables or
microwavable soups. Here in the Kitchen, we believe the best foods are almost always made from scratch. We love to eat/make comfort foods that have been kicked up a few notches, we love to make beer bread, and of course we will share our tips and tricks that we have learned- even some full fledged tutorials on how to poach an egg, or make home-made marshmallows. Here you won't find excessively expensive foods, or foods that you can only find at special stores, in special places, at the corner of Special Street... Our Kitchen is located in the middle of nowhere, in a little town with no grocery stores, or heaven forbid, even a McDonalds, so truthfully we can't have those ingredients in our recipes... we don't have a choice! We make things with ingredients that are accessible to everyone.

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